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The Chocolate Indulgence Box

£47.00 – £50.00

This is a celebration of healthful indulgence and the nutritional qualities of chocolate! We introduce best quality chocolate, of course, and introduce ‘superfoods’ that work beautifully alongside chocolate. This box is perfect for chocolate lovers who may appreciate understanding the health story behind their favourite food. 

The Ultimate Box


Our signature box is a celebration of healthful foods designed to nourish and nurture someone special. We have included nutritious ‘kitchen swaps’ (e.g cashew nut butter, raw honey, red lentil spaghetti, organic cold pressed olive oil), functional ingredients where the health story justifies the challenge (e.g matcha & turmeric lattes, tulsi tea, red rice, seaweed).

Winter Warmer


This gift box showcases some of our favourite hot drinks that also come with a robust health story. We believe that winter is a time to embrace cosiness and opportunities for self-care! Whether it is on the way to work, doing the school run, sitting at work or curling up at the end of a long day by a fire - there is always a place for a steamy cup of something delicious

The Mum & Baby Box

 – £50.00

The New Mum & Baby Box is about harnessing the power of nutrition to best support mum and baby at this most precious time. We introduce delicious ingredients and nutrition advice with the aim of supporting energy levels, mood & mind, and post-partum recovery. This box is not only beautiful and a joy to open, but it is also a helpful toolkit for a new mum...

The Recovery Box

£50.00 (sold out)

A box designed to provide the comfort and support needed when recovering from illness or injury. Each ingredient has an important role in supporting the body to optimal recovery and we share the evidence with you. Miso soup, lentil spaghetti and quality pesto make for no-fuss meals that are not only delicious but highly nutritious...

Interested in Corporate Gifting?

Sharing health with clients and colleagues is a truly impactful way to show that you care about what matters most – their health. We curate bespoke boxes for corporate clients that go far beyond the traditional hamper. Get in touch for how Aegle can transform your gifting into something truly meaningful.

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