Functional Boxes


Designed to give you the knowledge and ingredients to support yourself where needed.  Each box has been expertly researched and curated to provide a valuable toolkit that gets to the heart of your health concern. 

Every box contains scientific research, functional ingredients and supplements targeted at supporting a specific health concern. 

The Sleep Box

The importance of sleep in supporting health cannot be underestimated. This box explores some of the root causes that may be responsible for troubled...

The Pregnancy Box

Congratulations on your pregnancy! Wherever you are on your journey to motherhood, this box is designed to give you everything that you need to optimise...

The Gluten-Free Box

Whether you are a diagnosed celiac or just looking to widen your repertoire and reduce your reliance on gluten-containing foods, replacing this much loved staple

The Gut Health Box

You may be experiencing bloating, irregular bowel movements, reflux, belching and are seeking answers as to what could be going on. This box is designed...

The Blood Sugar Balance Box

Blood sugar imbalance is linked to symptoms including fatigue, sleep disorder, obesity, depression, stress. It is also critical to protecting the brain and ...

Peri-menopause Support Box

We have the privilege of supporting women in clinic in their transition through menopause, which can be a very challenging time for many. Through...

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