We think everyone can benefit from the content and nutritional concepts introduced every month. However, some of the core ingredients may not be suitable for those with certain allergies or medical conditions.

Unfortunately not. Our boxes are standardised to include ingredients with nutritional profiles most linked to the science.

Whilst this is unfortunate, we suggest digesting the content, and sharing the ingredient with a friend or neighbour (don’t forget to tell them why it is wonderful!)

Our boxes are sent out in the first week of every month. This is so that everyone has the chance to log into the webinar if they want to. You will be notified of your delivery by either Royal Mail or our preferred courier and given the opportunity to notify them in case you are not in.

Not the products themselves but the content is uploaded into the members area which can be accessed at any time.

Yes you can. Our rolling subscription, Seedling, is for people wanting flexibility and to try our products before committing to a longer term membership. 

At this stage we are only able to offer standardised boxes. We always advise members to check the ingredients information on each product for allergens which will be clearly stated.

The ingredients we introduce are in standard ‘off the shelf’ sizes and have decent shelf life. Larger households can buy more and smaller households can enjoy the products for longer.

Not at this stage. We introduce ingredients that are reasonably easy to get hold of from usual grocery outlets.

No. The only arrangement for payments to continue being collected is for the rolling membership package.

We will be sad to see you go. Please see our terms of service for our termination policy.

Send an email to hello@meetaegle.com and we will organise delivery of the missing item.

We certainly do not want you to miss out on any content! Just send an email at hello@meetaegle.com and we will email you an electronic copy of the monthly booklet.


Our gift boxes are designed to include ingredients with nutritional profiles most linked to the area of health concerned. Whilst this is unfortunate that the recipient will be unable to enjoy all the ingredients, the written and online content that supports the gift box is eminently digestible and is likely to be of benefit.

For large orders please contact us and we will be able to help. We can curate bespoke boxes for orders over 100 units.

Whilst we cannot do individual bespoke boxes, we would love to hear about this further. Get in touch and we may be able to make some helpful generalised suggestions. 

At this time, we require one off payments for gift subscriptions. We offer gift subscriptions to our Blossoming and Blooming memberships.


Please update your address on the ‘My Account’ page in the members area of the website. You must be logged in to update your address.

Please reset this using the onscreen prompts on the log in page. 

You can update your card details on the ‘My Account’ page under ‘Subscription’.  You must be logged in to update card details.


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