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Our 1:1 functional nutritional therapy clinic can help you achieve vibrant health.  Our approach is personalised, our programmes are evidence-based and we work collaboratively with you to build bespoke, sustainable, realistic programmes that achieve your health goals.    

We understand that every client has their own unique health story.  Every client case is extensively researched and nutritional recommendations, supplements and testing recommendations are completely bespoke to the individual client based on their health goals and aptitude for change. Our collaborative approach ensures that diet and lifestyle programmes are both manageable and sustainable.

Our advice is always supported by sound scientific literature.  We engage in regular continuous professional development in order to keep updated with the latest developments in nutritional research, supplementation and functional testing allowing us to best support you along your health journey.

Our clinical approach is based on the functional medicine model, which considers the complex interplay of your genetics, environment and nutrition in order to determine the root cause of a health concern. Rather than addressing and managing your symptoms, our approach provides a framework for determining why the symptoms have arisen in the first place resulting in long-term positive health outcomes

What to Expect?

Every programme is bespoke and will depend on your health goals and the complexity of your health journey.  There is no one size fits all programme as we cater to each individual.  We tell most clients to expect a minimum of two consultations but programmes normally extend beyond 3 months.  


Initial consultation rates start at £145.  

Step 1

Getting to know you and your health story. 
All health programmes start with an Initial Health and Nutrition Assessment.  In preparation you will complete a comprehensive health intake form including a medical history and food diary.  A 75-90 consultation follows in which we dive deeper into your health goals and health history with the end goal of a comprehensive understanding of your health journey to date and identification of root causes underlying your presenting symptoms.

Step 2

Personalised health plan. 
You will receive a personalised health optimisation plan including diet and lifestyle recommendations that are manageable and sustainable including recipes and resources relevant to you and your health goals. This plan is the result of a collaboration between you and your nutritional therapist and the recommendations made are bespoke to your lifestyle, timeline and health goals.  The personalised health plan will continue to evolve and change throughout your journey with us with new recommendations made after each subsequent consultation.

Step 3

Follow up. Ongoing communication.

In most cases, monthly follow-up sessions will be necessary to reach desired health goals.  Aegle clinic provides follow-up consultations including weekly check-in calls for those requiring additional support to increase compliance with nutritional interventions or for those that may have questions in between follow-up appointments. We are here to support you.

Supplementation and Functional Testing

In most client cases, targeted supplementation and/or functional testing recommendations are included in your personalised health plan.  Neither are necessary for success but can often drive desired results within a shorter timeline.  In most cases, Aegle provides clients with an exclusive discount to supplements. Please note that we do not receive commission on prescribed supplements. For those that proceed with testing, a comprehensive review of all laboratory results is shared during your health journey.

Pro Bono Consultations

As part of our commitment to improve accessibility to nutritional therapy we offer a limited number of pro-bono consultations for those experiencing chronic health concerns without the means to invest at this time. Following a single consultation (75 minutes) we provide a food-first, personalised health plan. Spaces are limited and children are prioritised. Please contact for more information.

Getting Started


What’s included:

  • Free discovery call
  • Initial consultation (75-90 mins)
  • 1 Follow up consultation (45-60 mins)
  • Personalised health plan, recipes and meal ideas
  • Supportive literature
  • Supplement plan (if applicable) with 10% off supplements
  • Test interpretation (if applicable)

Signature Health Package


What’s included:

  • Free discovery call
  • Initial consultation (75-90 mins)
  • 3 Follow up consultations (45-60 mins)
  • Personalised health plan, recipes and meal ideas
  • Supportive literature
  • Supplement plan (if applicable) with 10% off supplements
  • Test interpretation (if applicable)
  • Support call following Initial consultation
  • Between appointment support calls
  • Monday to Friday email support

Is Aegle Clinic right for you?

Our holistic approach based on the functional medicine model allows us to support a wide variety of health concerns.

Our clients typically come to us for support with one or more of the following areas:

Digestive Health

Hormonal Health

Brain/Mental Health

Metabolic Health

Children’s Health

Health Screenings/Testing

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